Amazon's patents for leaking roofs

Amazon's patent for detecting leaking roofs

Using Amazon to fix your leaking roof

How Amazon - the online retail store - will help repair your flat roof...


Usually, a leaking roof will first present itself with ceiling discolouration or some form of dampness, culminating in a slow drip into a bucket below.


You might use Amazon’s Alexa to say “Alexa, find me a trusted roofing specialist”, or using Apple’s Siri, you might ask "Siri, find me a top rated flat roofing company." A list will come up and you’ll be able to choose.


If your roof is in the early stages of leaking, without a thorough inspection, you might not know it. At this point, a repair is likely to save you money and prevent further damage, but without a thorough inspection how will you know?


Patented designs show that Amazon plans to use drone technology to transport customers’ parcels quickly and directly. A recent patent (Low, 2017 - US Patent 9,714,089) by Amazon suggests a multifunctional role for these drones. In one claim, the drone would be equipped with infrared imaging that would allow defects in insulation or tiling - for instance in your pitched or flat roof to be detected via temperature gradients; gaps and pockets contaminated with external moisture or rainwater. More specifically:

"For example, the one or more service provider computers may analyze the data and identify that the roof of the location is in disrepair and in need of service. Subsequently, the one or more service provider computers may generate and provide a recommendation to the customer informing them of the identified property and offering an item or service that is appropriate for the identified property (e.g., a roof repair service recommendation)."


Using artificial intelligence (AI), your our amazon app could notify you, ask if you would like it to contact a trusted flat roofing specialist, arrange the repair and payment, perhaps with the swipe of your thumb. The goal of this being to save you time and effort that you can otherwise spend elsewhere. By providing a rating and review of the workmanship, you then provide future customers with confidence in that technician’s workmanship.


This is likely to be 10+ years in the future and it’s likely that this will be employed only for Amazon customers who choose to opt in. In the meantime, however, if you do need a reliable roofing specialist you can trust, call our roofing team today on 01633 250652 - at Strandek, we have over 40 years of experience. 

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