Flat roofing apertures

Apertures for flat roofs

Cold-applied and installed in situ, we're able to offer a range of chemically engineered apertures. 

Binds to multiple surfaces: designed to adhere to and protect a variety of surfaces, from steel to concrete and more. 

Outstanding waterproofing: our systems provide effective waterproofing for complex roofing junctions, gaps and around flat roofing windows, gutters and cladding. 

Durable and elastic: our systems demonstrate elasticity yet remain rigid, durable and fully waterproof, whatever the weather. 

Versatile: are perfect for junctions and gaps in roof and wall cladding, in between windows and hatches, gutters and areas requiring an effective waterproof coating whether its for a soaker or structure with complex detailing.

Depending on your requirements, we're able to install glass fibre systems that have increased structural support or Icopal's polyurethane coating that has increased flexibility, we of rapid installation times, as well as resistance to UV and freeze-thaw cycle degradation, excessive water runoff, elevated temperatures and pollutants.

Our systems are backed by a comprehensive 10-year guarantee.

Perfect for:

  • Pipe penetrations
  • Valley gutters and gutter relining
  • Flat roof sunpipes and rooflights
  • Cable trays
  • Access hatches and openings
  • Flat roofing windows

Key features:

  • Fully adaptable to almost any detailing, over any difficult flat roofing junctions
  • Flexibility and fully adaptable to your structure
  • Cold-applied, hand-laid system installed in situ
  • Developed through over 40 years of experience
  • Bespoke: offers structural or flexural support - application-dependent
  • Fast installation, minimal downtime
  • Robust and maintenance free
  • 10-year comprehensive guarantee


As one of the UK’s leading installers in cold-applied, liquid-applied systems, in particular glass fibre lining, we’ve been operating for over 40 years. 

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Why Choose Strandek®?

For over 40 years we've provided high-quality fibre glass and resin coatings. Working with industry, government, commercial ventures and on residential properties, our Strandek® GRP System has been used on everything from chemical bunds to flat roofs.


Our team have extensive experience and we pride ourselves on reliable workmanship and competitive pricing.

  • Unrivalled service
  • Exceptional quality 
  • Unmatched speed

Health & Safety

A strong health & safety ethic is the core of our business. We strive to maintain this through:

  • Best practices
  • Transparency & accountability
  • Rigorous training