Non-slip ladder rung cover

Designed to be retrofitted onto existing ladders

Non-slip ladder rung covers are engineered to offer enhanced grip strength to minimise slips and falls. Fully customisable and compatible with U-shape or half-circle rungs.

Product information

      • DesignU-shaped or half-circle designs
      • Internal widths20, 25, 30, 35 or 40 mm
      • Lengthfully customisable
      • MaterialGlass reinforced plastic (GRP) panels manufactured using thermoset resin and curing agents. Exceptionally strong, lightweight and durable.
      • Non-slip grit sizeUltra-fine (skin-contact), Fine, Medium, Coarse, Ultra-coarse
      • Grit typefused alumina

Key features

        • Optional fire resistance: B.S. 476 Part 7 Classes 1 & 2 and phenolic
        • Colours: standard colours (black, grey, yellow) as well as: RAL and B.S. 4800 & 5252 ranges


        • Outstanding non-slip properties: B.S. 7976-2
          • Medium grit: dry = 90; wet = 83
          • Fine grit: dry = 100; wet = 87
          • Low thermal co-efficient of expansion: 30 x 10-6 oC
          • Thermal conductivity: 0.2 w/mL
          • Tensile strength: 123 MPa
          • Tensile Modulus: 7.1 GPa
          • Flexural strength: 193 MPa

Note: the pendulum test is performed to quantify surface roughness and anti-sip properties in accordance with B.S. 7976-2. Values in excess of 36 signify a very low slip potential.

Why Choose Strandek®?

For over 40 years we've provided high-quality fibre glass and resin coatings. Working with industry, government, commercial ventures and on residential properties, our Strandek® GRP System has been used on everything from chemical bunds to flat roofs.


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Health & Safety

A strong health & safety ethic is the core of our business. We strive to maintain this through:

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