Glass fibre balcony installation

Glass fibre flat roofing balcony installation

This example of our work concerns the installation of a glass fibre balcony to rectify weaknesses in an existing system. Over the last 15 years, the customer had employed two different roof systems from different contractors to overcome a troublesome ingress of water. However, these attempts ultimately failed, leaving the underlying substrate in an unserviceable condition. We describe how we solved this problem by installing our Strandek® glass fibre roofing system.

Location: Cowbridge, South Wales

The client requested Strandek® GRP Systems to inspect and provide a quotation for our advised specification. Core samples were extracted to establish the makeup and condition of the roof. We found:

  • Each previous installer had simply laid GRP on top of an earlier defective layer
  • Each underlying layer had separated, leaving other loose undulating areas causing severe splits to the surface
  • Over time water ingress caused substantial internal ceiling and wall damage and other regions

We installed the following specification to remedy the problem:

  • Parapet railings and coping stones to be removed and set aside for reuse if required. Reinstatement of these was optional; the finished installation would be fully waterproof
  • Complete removal of the failed combination of roof substrates exposing the upper block/beam structure. This proved to be invasive and substantial work but represented the correct procedure.
  • Decking of the entire balcony surface, including the parapet walls and tops with 18mm OSB3 8x2 interlocking Sterling Boards mechanically secured with concrete fixings. This provided an incredibly solid fixed base upon which the Strandek® GRP System could be applied.
  • The application of our glass fibre system to the complete prepared surface with pre-moulded GRP edge trims were fitted to all perimeters.
  • A non-slip dark grey flow coat to create a tough, durable surface designed to offer years of trouble free usage.

The outcome was a fully waterproofed, glass fibre balcony backed by an Insured Guarantee.

At Strandek GRP Systems, you’ll have a flat roof designed to last decades or a simple leak repair by an experienced company that’s been installing flat roofs for over 40 years. This year we were proud to receive recognition of our services by being awarded a coveted 100% Customer Satisfaction Certificate from our insurance guarantee backers, the Independent Warranty Association.

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Glass fibre balcony installation with non-slip

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