Make your own epoxy resin floor

3 Steps to create the perfect epoxy resin floor

Epoxy resin floors are greater for a variety of demanding environments. From warehouses to car garages, chemical processing plants and bunds, epoxy is an excellent protective coating. In the following section, we provide a basic overview of how to install a resin floor made from epoxy resin. 

1. Preparation

The underlying flooring preparation is important in creating a smooth, flat coating that’s stable and built to last. To do this there are usually two scenarios that we encounter:

  • New concrete floors: those involving freshly prepared concrete, we recommend you allow it to set for as long as possible since the presence of moisture will interfere with resin-concrete penetration and bonding. You should also measure the moisture content using a special tool to make sure the resin is within the range of the recommended moisture level.
  • Existing floors: in such cases, we recommend you scale back the existing surface using a diamond floor grinder. This is designed to remove the outer layer and a thin layer of concrete to expose the stronger surface. Care should be taken to ensure that the resurfaced concrete has some roughness to allow the resin to “grip” the concrete; very smooth, polished concrete will provide a weaker bond. With existing floors, you can also expect some degree of repair work to be required. We typically recommend using a concrete filler in such instances, prior to grinding back.

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2. Surface Priming

Once the concrete has been prepared, we’ll prime the surface using a resin-based primer. This is designed to penetrate into the concrete to help create a strong bond. It does this because it has a lower viscosity than the epoxy resin, so it gets deeper into the concrete, ultimately creating resin-based anchors that enhance bond strength when cured. It also bonds exceptionally well to the subsequent epoxy layers, so there is no adhesion loss.

To apply the primer, ensure that it has been fully mixed prior to pouring sufficient quantities onto the surface and then performing a rolling motion to ensure dispersal. This layer should be relatively thin; we recommend you leave it for up to 24 hours - or depending on manufacturer’s instructions, although warmer temperatures can accelerate curing.

3. Epoxy resin application to concrete

Once the primer has been applied and has cured prepare the epoxy resin. This involves following the manufacturer’s instructions, but as a loose guide, we outline a basic procedure.

Note that the dispersal of resin on the concrete should be performed in a front to back motion using a foam roller. This should be performed twice, prior to then being applied left to right. This helps to cover the surface and create an even surface.

The first step concerns the mixing of epoxy resin with catalyst. This should be well mixed to ensure that the resin is fully catalysed, although you should not mix such that excessive bubbles as this could affect resin binding. We then recommend you pour the freshly mixed resin onto the primed concrete surface and immediately roll the resin across the surface.

Once the epoxy resin has been applied to coat the surface, allow it to cure for up to 12 hours. Then apply a second layer of epoxy resin using the same procedure. This should also be allowed to cure for 12 - 24 hours, depending on the type of epoxy resin. The resin surface should then be ready to walk on.

Non-slip coatings are also an excellent way to increase grip strength of your floor.

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