Tesla solar tiles

What are they?

Traditional roofing tiles are made from clay slate and other types of stone. At a pitch of 15 - 70 degrees and installed on most domestic properties, they provide waterproofing for many decades and look great on many roofs. However, technology hasn’t really advanced these tiles until recently.

Benefits of Tesla Solar Tiles

With the advent and cost-effectiveness of solar, many homeowners opt to install solar panels on top of their tiled roofs or on flat roofs.

Both provide excellent exposure to the sun as a means of generating power. However, Tesla has recently released an integrated solar tile design, one that generates power and provides waterproofing. There are many features that benefit the homeowner:

1. Tesla has created a new solar tiled roof design based on tempered glass solar tiles that look identical to normal roofing tiles. These are able to generate energy during daylight hours and store it for future use via a Tesla Powerwall battery pack.

2. Tesla has released four different roof tile designs with an infinite warranty, owing to their superior strength (3 times as much) compared to standard roofing tiles.

3. Tesla offer 2 types of tile: a tempered glass solar tile and a non-solar tile. These will be near identical to each other in aesthetic design.

4. An app that will allow property owners to precisely track energy consumption and generation, so when there’s a spike in demand, homeowners will be notified and the Powerwall will supply specified energy, ensuring consistent energy.

5. Telsa recently announced that as of the 30th April 2019 they reported that they are to reduce prices by 38% for there solar panels in the USA, a drop that will hopefully also apply to the UK market, which would help overcome the end of feed in tariffs in the UK.

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