Tips for coating fresh concrete with epoxy resin

Considerations when coating fresh concrete with resin

Any new flooring project has a good chance of seeing freshly laid concrete. Whilst pre-laid, existing concrete floors can be quickly resurfaced, new concrete has a high moisture content due to the water inside it.

This article provides a series of recommendations - particularly if you are thinking about coating freshly laid concrete with epoxy resin. 

Benefits of an epoxy resin floor

Resin floors - particularly epoxy ones, have 3 key benefits:

  • Protection of the structural aspects of the concrete floor from accelerated wear and tear
  • The creation of an attractive appearance for the floor
  • An increase in aesthetics and safety, particularly in wet, industrial environments where a non-slip coating is desired and a seamless coating preferred. 

Can I coat fresh concrete with epoxy resin?

We often get asked if a resin floor can be immediately coated with epoxy. Our quick response is no; moisture within concrete must be allowed to evaporate for it to harden and achieve its ultimate strength. A resin coating here would prevent the moisture from escaping, which leads us to the second reason: epoxy coatings require a dry surface with a low moisture content before coating.

Recommendations for coating fresh concrete

At a minimum, we would recommend a semi-permeable epoxy coating, although this type lacks the robustness and durability of standard epoxy resin floors. So, in most cases, we would recommend you allow the concrete floor to dehydrate before coating. Failing to do this would see your epoxy resin floor suffering from bubbles, cracks and flaking – all of which are highly unsightly.

How long should I wait before applying an epoxy resin floor coating?

From our experience and according to leading manufacturers, you should wait for a month or more prior to coating. However, this could vary depending on the weather: heat accelerates evaporation, whilst coat restricts it as does dampness and humidity.  

Contact a specialist

When to contact a resin flooring specialist

At Strandek, we offer a range of tests and service to assess the condition of your concrete and its moisture content. If you’d like to find out more, give us a call on 02921 900011 or fill out our online form.

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