Understanding an epoxy resin floor

What is an epoxy resin floor?

Epoxy resin floor are simple, yet highly durable class of floor coating systems. They present many benefits across multiple applications, as outlined below.

What is an epoxy resin floor?

An epoxy floor is part of a wider class of resin floors. Epoxy itself is a type of polyepoxide, a form of reactive polymer that contains epoxide groups. 

Used to make composites, they also offer outstanding adhesive and protective properties, making them excellent chemical coatings for a variety of surfaces, from floors to walls, industrial equipment and many other surfaces. Not only does it provide a seamless, clean looking surface, it also significantly strengthens the underlying surface, whether its concrete, metal or wood.

How is an epoxy resin floor installed?

Epoxy resin floors are liquid during installation, making them perfect for penetrating cracks and filling structural deficits. However, over a period of a few hours, the epoxy cures or “hardens”. In the most basic sense, the epoxy resin reacts or “cross-links” with itself as solvent gradually evaporates off, leaving a hard, impermeable barrier protecting your surface.

What are the benefits of an epoxy resin floor?

Versatility: epoxy flooring systems can be applied to a huge range of surface types and conditions, from floors to walls amongst other bespoke applications.

Design: epoxy resin floors can be tailored to required applications:

-       Colour: most epoxy flooring systems can be tailored to your colour scheme – and, colour stripes and lines can also be included to factor in high-risk areas.

-       Texture: simple epoxy coatings can be designed to present smooth, sleek coatings or variants with textured finishes.

-       Grip: environments prone to spillages, and frequent damp, grease and oil presence require enhanced grip. In such environments, we recommend adding a non-slip coating to such floors as an industry-recognised way to enhance grip, as recommended by the Health & Safety authorities.  

Performance: a hardened epoxy resin itself is renowned for its exceptional surface coating and protective abilities, having been used for a wide variety of applications, having been used by the chemicals, petrochemicals, electronics, automotive and marine industries.

Chemical resistance: unreactive and impermeable to a wide range of substances, from engine oil to acids and of course water.


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