Liquid-Applied Flat Roofing

A new type of polymer

Polyurethane and silicone flat roofing systems

Liquid-applied and solvent-free flat roofing systems are polymer-based coatings. They are fast-curing, perfect for wet-on-wet applications and offer money-saving solutions.

Applied even at low temperatures, they can be used as durable repair systems or as flat roofing membranes in their own right. 

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What is a liquid-applied flat roofing system?

Liquid-applied systems refer to polyurethane- or silicone-based polymer coatings that are cold-applied and have a high level of elasticity and tensile strength. Elongation ranges can be as high as 300 %.

Applied to flat roofs of metal, GRP, single-ply and a variety of other detailing applications, they’re cold-applied, fast-curing, solvent-free offering exceptional waterproofing to a variety of surfaces and structures.

What ingredients are liquid-applied flat roofing systems made from?

The liquid-applied grade of polymers and their resultant systems have a high level of elasticity and tensile strength. Specific ingredients are:

Resin type: polyurethane or silicone – these are flexible polymers that have high – ultimately lacking the brittle nature of traditional polyester resins used for glass fibre.

Primer: a thin layer of resin-based adhesive used to foster a strong resin-substrate bond

Solids: the addition of harder particulates can vary from none to complete solid content depending on the application. A higher solids content is usually applied to systems requiring greater durability, whilst lower solid content is for applications requiring less durability.  

Textiles: polyester mat can be incorporated into the system for added mechanical strength.

5 reasons why liquid-applied coatings are becoming popular

  • Sustainable: then cite regulations. LA are low VOCs, solvent-, fume- and heavy metal-free. Alternatives to hot-applied systems
  • Excellent lifetimes: in excess of 25 years or more – a cost-effective way of extending the lifetime of an existing roof.
  • Perfect for repairs/refurbishments: because of their versatility in terms of application and bond strength, they can avoid replacements and save money often up to 70%.
  • Fast applied: easy application to a variety of substrates, requiring no heat and using a paint-on application that provides almost instant waterproofing.
  • Exceptional elasticity: because of their flexible nature, liquid-applied polymers can respond to structural movement and retain a high tensile strength.

Where are liquid-applied flat roofing systems used?

Because they can bond to a variety of substrates and surfaces, from steel through to aluminium, wood, glass fibre, single ply, felt, and more, their applications are many:

Roofing: this class of system is perfect for new builds and existing roofs, flat roof balconies, terraces, orangeries and more, or as part of roofing repairs and refurbishments. These are ideal for installations where hot-applied systems are undesirable and ingredients are free from heavy metals and solvents. 

Other applications: roofing apertures, valley gutters and gutter relining, sun pipes, cable trays, pipes, access hatches and openings, roofing windows, skylights, solar panels, air conditioning units, gutters – and more.

Application conditions: liquid applied systems can be used under damp conditions – in some cases, wet-on-wet, can be applied under hot or cold temperatures and have rapid (as little as 30 minute) cure times.


A range of guarantees exists with our liquid-applied systems. These may include:

  • Up to 10–25-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • 20-year Strandek® company guarantee
  • 10-year insurance-backed IWA guarantee regulated by the FCA

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Key features

  • Strong, durable, flexible and fully waterproof
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly
  • Fast curing and installation times
  • Low-temperature application
  • 30+ year life expectancy
  • Outstanding insulating properties
  • Designed to withstand footfall and equipment placement
  • Impact and tear-resistant

Technical & performance

    • All CE-marked materials
      • Kingspan Thermaroof® insulation (Warm roof) or fibreglass quilt insulation (Cold roof)
      • OSB3 decking (FSC-certified)
      • Optional anti-slip coating
      • Free of heavy metals and solvents

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Our team have extensive experience and we pride ourselves on reliable workmanship and competitive pricing.

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