Balcony & Walkway Waterproofing Specialists

The surfaces of balconies, walkways and terraces are frequently exposed to demanding environments, from rain to frequent foot traffic. Joints around doorways, windows, railings and drainage channels need to have effective waterproofing to prevent leaks, water ingress and corrosion.

In most cases, these demands require the use of high-performance coatings and linings. Of these, resins are a leading class of polymers offering exceptional waterproofing and mechanical durability. When combined with other ingredients like glass fibre, the result is a mechanically robust, seamless covering.

Cold-Applied Waterproofing Systems

Seamless and versatile, our resin-based linings are the most durable, high-performance systems on the market. Applied to concrete, wood and many other substrates, we offer a range of cold-applied resins that provide exceptional robust waterproofing, whatever the weather.

Fibreglass (GRP)

Exceptionally strong with the capacity to bond to various surfaces, GRP is the perfect waterproofing system.


With excellent abrasion resistance and elongation capacities of up to 400%, polyurethane is a highly versatile solution.


Silicon-based, solvent-free coatings are ideal for creating highly durable, walkways resistant to foot traffic and tears.

Brands that we install

Versatile and Seamless

From stairwells and stairways to junctions and gaps, Strandek has you covered. 

  • Select from BS and RAL colour ranges for full customisation
  • Flame retardant ingredients to British Standards
  • Maximise grip with a range of anti-slip coatings
  • Cold-applied resins that avoid the use of flame and toxic compounds
  • Rapid curing times, all year round

Waterproofing systems installed by Strandek® offer durable, long-lasting solutions that are built to last. Since 1976, our teams have promoted excellence, providing technical advice, exceptional customer service and a best-in-class solution for thousands of customers. 

Compatible with a range of substrates

  • Asphalts
  • New and existing concrete, as well as planks, cement and latex screeds
  • Fibreglass (GRP), single-ply (EPDM, PVC, etc), polyurethane
  • Steel
  • Timber beams and decking

Our accreditations

Repairs, refurbishment and new installations

Strandek uses cold-applied systems that are purposely designed to bond to many of the substrates commonly used on balconies, terraces and walkways. Classic examples include brick, concrete, mortar and asphalt. 

Safety and Performance

Cold-applied resin systems multifunctional. In addition to waterproofing, they can withstand foot traffic, the movement of equipment, the capacity to connect hard to reach, complex junctions whilst binding to a range of different substrates. 

Contact a Waterproofing Specialist

Find out what kind of waterproofing system is right for you. Call us on 01633 250652 to speak to one of our technical team or send us an enquiry via email.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What type of substrates can be considered for balconies?

A. Concrete, cement screed, latex screed, timber boarding, eg. 18mmOSB3 Sterling Board

Q. What kind of non-slip finishes can be used on these waterproofing systems?

A. Non-slip coatings are a common requirement for any application expecting foot traffic. As such, all systems offered to allow a range of different non-slip grit sizes to be embedded into the outer resin structure, from finer grit for low-risk slips to larger grit for high-risk grit. 

Q. What kind of designs are available for the waterproofing system?

A. Decorative designs are also possible, centring on quartz particulates, flakes, demarcation lines and other patterned design features. 

Q. Do you offer repairs to existing walkways and balconies?

A. Yes, we offer a range of repair options that centre on basic repairs through to sectional repairs and overlays. Replacing the underlying structure is usually a last resort to avoid unnecessary costs. 

Q. Do I need drainage off the roof of the terrace?

A. Ideally, yes but this should be undertaken with minimum falls taking account that it is a walking platform.  Drainage can be channelled to integrated perimeter gutters or outlets or directly off the roof into an external perimeter gutter. This applies to flat roof walkways and balconies too. 

Q. Can the waterproof system be overlaid with decking or tiles?

A. Yes, paving slabs, tiles, decking and other coverings can be used to overlay the waterproofing system, whether it’s for a terrace, balcony or walkway.

Q. Is there a choice of colour for the waterproofing system?

A. In most cases, yes. There is an extensive colour choice, particularly if a GRP membrane is used selecting from the RAL or BS range. Polyurethane and other resins often have a narrower range of colours.

Q. Are the coating options available well suited to regular foot traffic?

A. Yes, the resin systems offered are designed to accommodate foot traffic and equipment placement. 

Q. What guarantees are provided with any balcony waterproofing?

A. A selection of guarantee provisions is available dependant on the system employed. They are comprehensive, accompanied by an insurance backed guarantee and any installation selected should receive one.

Q. If damaged, is the waterproofing installation repairable?

A. Yes. Accidental damage is usually limited to very localised areas and can be rectified quite easily. However, the extent of any damage to the underlying structure depends on the level of water ingress and period 

Why Choose Strandek®?

Since 1976, Strandek has provided high-quality glass fibre and other resin-based coatings to a range of satisfied customers in industry, government, construction and residential sectors alike.


Our team have extensive experience and we pride ourselves on reliable workmanship and competitive pricing.

  • Unrivalled service
  • Exceptional quality
  • Unmatched speed

Health & Safety

A strong health & safety ethic is the core of our business. We strive to maintain this through:

  • Best practices
  • Transparency & accountability
  • Rigorous training