Durable surface protection


Epoxy coatings are a very versatile form a surface protection. Their performance can be tailored from thin film coatings through to thicker, more robust coatings for heavy-duty environments.

Strandek® has specialised in resin coating technology since 1976 and are considered industry leaders in a variety of applications.

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Epoxy resin is a thermoset resin, that is, it hardens irreversibly upon curing.

Unlike paint, epoxy molecules cross-link, forming trillions of chemical bonds. Individually, these are weak, but collectively they’re incredibly strong, creating a single structure with incredible strength. Epoxies are preferable for more rigid applications (unlike GRP and polyurethanes) where the underlying structure undergoes little to no movement.


Epoxy resins can be applied to concrete and metals like steel. Standard applications range from walls & floors through to bunds and storage tanks. Like glass fibre, epoxy coatings are very effective in extending the lifetime of existing surfaces and structures. Because they’re so durable, they protect the underlying substrate from chemical, biological and mechanical stress. This bypasses the need for costly replacements. Furthermore, they can be enhanced with different additives to increase mechanical strength (screed and aggregate) and grit (to increase slip resistance).


We carry full Public and Employee Liability Insurance. We also have a range of industrially recognised accreditations.


  • ISO9001 manufactured ingredients
  • Installed by trained, experienced technicians
  • Tailored to each application: choose from a variety of systems and additives

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Why Choose Strandek®?

Since 1976, Strandek has provided high-quality glass fibre and other resin-based coatings to a range of satisfied customers in industry, government, construction and residential sectors alike.


Our team have extensive experience and we pride ourselves on reliable workmanship and competitive pricing.

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