Polyurethane & silicone coatings

Polyurethane & silicone coatings

Polyurethane and silicone are flexible polymers designed to protect various surface types. Like epoxies, their performance can be tailored from thin film coatings through to thicker, more robust systems incorporating additional ingredients for tailored performance. 

Strandek® has specialised in resin coating technology since 1976 and are at the forefront of resin coating technology.

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What are polyurethane and silicone resins?

These are a class of liquid-applied systems used for surface coating. They cross-link, forming a seamless, impervious structure. A softer material, such resins can elongate by as much as 300%.


They lack the rigidity of epoxy resins, but their greater flexibility makes them particularly desirable for surfaces susceptible to movement – like corrugated metal roofs and other structures prone to movement. Whilst strong, they can be further reinforced with aggregates and other solids to enhance strength. 


  • ISO9001 manufactured ingredients
  • Installed by trained, experienced technicians
  • Optional WRAS compliant ingredients for potable water
  • Tailored to each application: choose from a variety of systems and additives
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Why Choose Strandek®?

Since 1976, Strandek has provided high-quality glass fibre and other resin-based coatings to a range of satisfied customers in industry, government, construction and residential sectors alike. 


Our team have extensive experience and we pride ourselves on reliable workmanship and competitive pricing.

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A strong health & safety ethic is the core of our business. We strive to maintain this through:

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