Creating robust surfaces for protective coatings

Providing strong, clean foundations for your coatings

Creating a strong, robust surface coating requires a supportive underlying structure.

Strandek® specialises in a range of surface preparation procedures designed to maximise any substrate-coating adhesion strength.

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High-pressure water jet blasting: water-based spraying to remove weaker substrate or contaminants with minimal impact on the underlying substrate. 

Shot or grit blasting: typically using sand or grit, it is used to create smooth, refined surfaces previously weakened by corrosion or degradation. 

Selective grinding: this is commonly used to selectively grind away chipped areas of a concrete or other underlying substrate.

Diamond floor grinding: this is often used for resin flooring to create a smooth, flat surface to promote binding. 


Why surface preparation?

We undertake several procedures to ensure that the starting surface is amenable to a protective coating. This often involves:

Cleaning: typically using jet blasting – and in some cases detergent to decontaminate chemically or biologically compromised substrate.

Blasting or grinding: more aggressive procedures using shot blasting or diamond grinding are used to promote chemical and physical adhesion with the resin, such that it becomes single structure. This is to avoid “peeling” of any applied external coating by removing:

  • Dampness or moisture: even small amounts of moisture can severely compromise any resin-substrate adhesion strength and reduce its lifetime
  • Structurally defective substrate: the coating may be strong, but if the outer layer of the substrate is still weak, that becomes the ‘weak point’ and risks detachment.

Maximising grip: a balance between smoothness and roughness is needed for good adhesion. Ideally, the resin coating is able to penetrate into microscopic cracks and structural weaknesses (typically below a millimetre in depth). Whilst being filled and reinforced, these resin-filled cracks also become physical anchors, further enhancing the adhesive strength of the coating once the resin has cured.


Strandek performs a variety of surface preparation techniques to enable the lining or relining of potable water tankschemical bunds and resin floors. Our standard coatings centre GRP linings, epoxy and polyurethane and we work closely with a select group of leading suppliers.

Case Studies

GRP lining for Grade 1 listed monument - Cardiff, South Wales


Why Choose Strandek®?

Since 1976, Strandek has provided high-quality glass fibre and other resin-based coatings to a range of satisfied customers in industry, government, construction and residential sectors alike. 


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