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Strandek specialises in providing detailed, comprehensive roofing surveys, reports and assessments.

Our customers include home owners, insurance companies and letting agents and other types of property owners.

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Flat Roof Surveys & Reports

We will provide an assessment of the condition of the following: roofing membrane, tiles, gutters, pipes and downpipes, soffits, fascias, parapet walls and lead flashing. In particular, we will seek to investigate any problem areas in more detail.

The purpose of these reports is to provide you with a comprehensive, independent assessment of the condition of your roof. This can be used as evidence to support claims against the primary installer or contractor of the roof, should it have been installed to a sub-par standard.

Professional Surveys

Ensuring the Safety and Quality of Your Flat Roof - Professional Surveys and Inspections.

Let Strandek handle your roof surveys

Flat roofs are prone to general wear and tear, as well as roof leaks. It is important to distinguish between the two in order to adequately assess any damage and ensure proper coverage. Insurance companies often require detailed reports on the maintenance, repairs, and inspections of flat roofs to properly evaluate any damage.

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Flat Roof Survey Details

How are flat roof surveys conducted?

Before any surveys are performed, we will have a discussion with you regarding the current status of your flat roof. Some of our questions might centre on: (1) Roof size & type: How big is the roof? What material is it made of? (2) Owner: Who is the owner of the property? Was it recently purchased, (3) Installer: Who installed it? When did they install it? Was a guarantee/warranty applied?, (4) Roof condition: Is it leaking? When was it installed? What are your objectives & (5) Insurance claims: Has an insurance claim been made? Has the insurance company requested a survey?

What does a flat roof survey involve?

A survey and inspection will assess the overall condition of the roof, identify problematic areas and to provide an estimate of the lifetime of the roof. One of our team will visit your property and seek to gain access to the roof. We pay particular attention to the condition and integrity of the flat roofing membrane, tiles, gutters, pipes and downpipes, soffits, fascias, parapet walls and lead flashing. We Investigate any problem areas in more detail. Images will be taken to be inserted into the report. Video footage is also available as an additional supplement.

Why do I need a flat roof survey?

The purpose of our surveys and reports is to provide you with a comprehensive, independent assessment of the condition of your roof. This can be used as evidence to support claims against the primary installer or contractor of the roof, should it have been installed to a sub-par standard.

What is in My Survey Report?

Following a roof survey, Strandek will provide you with a full, detailed report containing: (1) Descriptions and images outlining the condition of your roof, (2) potential sources of leaks and water ingress & (3) an overview of the quality of the installation and expected lifetime. Where relevant, we will also provide specifications and recommendations on any upgrades in line with your budget.

Why choose Strandek?

There’s a range of benefits to choosing Strandek for your roofing survey:

- Almost 50 years in business
- Full Public & Employee Liability insurance
- Fully accredited: CHAS, Construction Line, CSCS
- ★★★★★ Trust Pilot & Google reviews
- Excellent communication & support

Operating since 1976, we've acquired an excellent reputation and vast amounts of experience. We've worked on a range of prestigious projects - many for blue-chip companies and provide support for all types of customers facing problematic flat roofs, from domestic property owners to commercial letting agents.
so whether you need a survey on a newly installed roof that's already leaking or to support an insurance claim, we've got a solution for you.

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Strandek offers a range of professional services and documentation in addition to a roofing survey. In many cases, customers require us to write up a full report for an insurance claim.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it wise to have a detailed survey before proceeding with a new flat roof installation?

The answer is always going to be yes but, in most cases, an experienced roofing contractor will be able to assess any issues affecting his proposed specification and particularly with relatively straightforward installations such as a garage where usually the underside of the existing roof deck can be viewed easily.

A degraded older roof with evidence of damage accumulated over many years and possibly over a substantial area of the living area would most certainly warrant an in-depth survey that may require core samples.

Additionally, with modern roof materials and insulation coupled with new building regulations on insulation upgrade requirements, it is essential to be provided with accurate information in the specification.

In this case, it would be wise to engage a qualified surveyor who will undertake this element.

Will I be charged for my survey?

A professional surveyor will charge for this service and the cost will depend on the scope of work and size of the roof.

An experienced roofer will charge at his discretion depending again on the scope of work, access, and location. A highly experienced quality roofer prepared to only engage in an installation subject to his survey may well submit a fee of which sometimes a percentage is refunded if an order is placed.

This is understandable when a client may engage several roofers and opt for the lowest cost or have sight of the experienced roofer’s specification and use that to base his own cost on at a lesser rate.

What should you expect from a survey request?

Firstly, excellent communication and an understanding of your requirements are essential.

In current times they may ask for a few photographs to establish an overview in order to progress.

This would be followed up with a confirmation that a survey is required and any potential fee (in the case of a roofing company) which would normally be settled prior to attendance.

If acceptable a firm appointment would be made subject to weather conditions. If the appointment has to be changed you should definitely expect an update on this to prevent any inconvenience to yourself and of course vice versa.

The surveyor will inspect and assess the roof internally and externally and you will probably be asked a few questions regarding the age of the roof and what upgrades have occurred. Where it is leaking and for how long.

Following his inspection expect a detailed report within several days with recommendations and if possible, a quotation.

This report is your property and may be used to present before other contractors.

Why do insurance companies require a flat roof survey report?

Insurance companies deem a roof to be a ‘flat roof’ if it has a slope of 10 degrees or less. They do not in all cases and may just ask for a specification based on like for like from several roofing contractors. They will usually appoint the lowest cost quotation or may come to a settlement figure with you allowing you to select a contractor of your choice.

They would definitely request a professional survey report from roofing specialists such as Strandek where extensive damage has taken place and the appointed assessor would also determine if the roof damage were classified as storm damage or wear and tear over time. In the latter it is unlikely that you would be covered under your insurance. It is most likely that internal damage would be covered.

A survey will also mean that a specification has been recommended and therefore each contractor will be quoting for like for like.

What safety considerations are there for a roof survey?

Roofs present multiple risk factors when conducting surveys. The HSE website provides detail on roofing health and safety delving into detail on manual handling, asbestos roofing materials as well as working from height. The flat roof may also be fragile so scaffolding is recommended. A roofing survey should involve a risk assessment in advance to mitigate any risks.

Where do Strandek perform flat roof surveys?

We typically operate throughout South Wales (Newport, Cardiff, Monmouth, Chepstow, Usk, Swansea, Bridgend and beyond) as well as the South West (Bristol, Bath, etc.) and beyond.

We perform surveys for domestic, industrial, and commercial customers.

What tools do you use for a roof inspection?

A range of tools and techniques are available. Usually, the condition of the roof covering is quite revealing when we perform roof surveys. There might be evidence of moisture and damp in the roof surface, whether its mastic asphalt, epdm (single ply), felt or fibreglass roofing. More extensive methods might use drone surveys, thermal imaging and electronic leak detection over the roof area. A gutter inspection may also be performed, and we will also ask what roofing materials to have been used, along with the location of any water damage, who undertook the roof construction and its proximity to any brickwork or pitched roof. The purpose of this is to work out how much rainwater has leaked into the structure and the extent of any damage.

Do you perform independent condition surveys?

Yes, we perform a range of independent surveys to as part of a professional roof survey. Whether you have a felt roof, an asphalt one or have used liquid applied membranes, we are able to provide a full report – this is often for insurance companies. A building survey may also be requested if there is extensive damage.

What are your recommendations following a survey and inspection?

Sometimes the roof is in good condition. However, on some occasions, more investigative work may be required.

We do our utmost to avoid costly flat roof repairs and new flat roof installations. Sometimes the identification of a flat roof leak – if caught early – can be solved quite cheaply. It could just be a blocked rainwater outlet! Yet a flat roof repair might just involve the replacement of the outer roofing membrane – effectively upgrading the roof without interfering with the underlying structure.

Why is my flat roof leaking?

Established in 1976, we have surveyed and installed thousands of flat roofs. Many of the roofs we were requested to replace were showing signs of leaking. We’ve outlined the most common reasons below:

+ Lead flashing: installed with an depth chase line or inadequate adhesive means that strong winds and rain will allow rainwater ingress.

+ Poor ventilation: low-quality construction and incorrectly specified materials will over time result in moisture accumulation inside the roof.

+ Sun damage, age-accelerated membrane loss: the loss of membrane integrity can lead to it becoming permeable and leaking to water ingress and a leak.

+ Gutters: blocked gutters are common reasons for rainwater to overflow into the main roofing structure.

+ Punctures membranes: unlike fibreglass, single ply (EPDM or PVC) is prone to puncturing. This can lead to slow and subtle water ingress that can ause massive damage over time.

In all instances, Strandek recommends a full roofing survey to detect the cause of your leaking roof.

What factors affect the cost of a survey?

Size of roof: larger roofing areas require more time to investigate
Complexity: unlikely, but added complexities like different roofing membranes, the inclusion of a green ‘sedum’ roof, roof balcony, etc. can affect requirements

Additional safety factors may also include:
Scaffolding: dangerous or hard to reach areas can require scaffolding
Asbestos: asbestos surveys require sampling and laboratory analysis

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