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Storage tank linings (and coatings) are designed to protect the underlying substrate, creating an impermeable and durable barrier. 

At Strandek, we offer high-performance linings and coatings for storage tanks, from epoxy coating systems to polyester and vinyl ester fibreglass-based (GRP) linings. These versatile membranes are seamless, chemically resistant and durable, providing long-term protection. Designed to offer high build capability in a single coat, excellent corrosion resistance, versatile application, brush/ roller or spray and potable water approved.

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Ensuring durable, compliant & reliable containment

Leaking storage tank? Strandek offers full storage tank refurbishment and repair services, from internal wall and base re-lining to lid re-coating. Using resin-based systems like fibreglass (GRP) and other epoxy and polyurethane systems, we’re able to offer durable and long-lasting regulatory-compliant solutions designed to last.

As a company, we’ve worked on a range of projects from acid containment tanks to slurry treatment tanks and water storage tanks. Our customers include national water treatment facilities and international soft drink brands

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Watch our team working on a range of tank potable water and chemical tank re-lining and refurbishment projects.

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Strandek offers a fully compliant, professional team with an excellent track record in tank linings and coatings.

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Tank Linings & Coatings

UK HSE regulations require storage tanks to be able to contain held liquids in a safe and well-designed manner. Tank surfaces should be free of leaks, ingress and degradation to ensure vessel integrity is maintained and breaches are avoided.

To address this need, Strandek offers a range of high-performance resin-based systems with proven performance realising that there is no one size fits all, we are able to design each system based upon your requirements, whether its chemical compatibility, durability, WRAS compliance or more. Systems like GRP and epoxy are listed below, but we also offer a range of other leading types as needed.

Linings for Chemical & Water Storage Tanks

Experts in storage tank containment - since 1976.

Storage tanks are containment vessels designed to house large quantities of liquids. Whether it’s for drinking water or chemical containment, their purpose is to ensure that such liquids are not released into surrounding spill bunds and beyond – a potentially hazardous scenario.

Whilst many tanks are built from robust substrates like steel and concrete, these do break down over time in spite of their structural properties. This leads to leaks, ingress, contamination and structural damage – all of which can result in a catastrophic failure. This is where we come in…

Quality by Design

Resin-based storage tank surface protection requires a high degree of skill and expertise. Working with ISO9001- ISO14001-certified brands, we are able to select and test a range of different materials to ensure that our applicators use the best systems to repair, maintain and protect your storage tank.

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Installers of Leading Brands

Working with leading brands, Strandek has the best options available for every customer. Some of the brands we work with include:

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Storage tanks are an important part of any industrial site holding large quantities of liquids - particularly if those liquids are hazardous, like fuels, acids and solvents. At Strandek, we’re able to offer an effective solution to ensure your storage tank is safe, impermeable and HSE regulatory compliant. We’ll work closely with you every step of the way to ensure our service meets your standard. Our list of industrial accreditations and long list of satisfied customers across more than four decades are a demonstration of this.

Case Studies

Since 1976, Strandek has undertaken thousands of projects throughout the UK. Here’s some of our work.

Wastewater storage tank re-lining


Storage tank lid repair



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Frequently Asked Questions

How are inner linings for concrete water tanks installed?

Concrete water tank linings are installed accordingly: 1) concrete is dried out and sources of leaks and ingress removed, 2) resurfacing is performed to create a consistent surface with no sharpe edges and mild roughness, 3) a resin primer is applied to maximise laminate-concrete adhesion, 4) glass fibre matting and polyester resin are applied and 5) a flowcoat (topcoat) is applied to at as a barrier.

Can fibreglass be used as a lining for a metal storage tank?

Yes, coupled with a resin primer, fibreglass is an excellent storage tank lining system.

What is a storage tank lining?

A lining refers to the inside coating of the surface of a storage tank.

Storage tank linings are typically several millimeters in thickness and are seamless. They bond strongly to the underlying substrate often with the inclusion of a primer. They are often designed to repel water and other chemical liquids contained inside them for extensive periods.

What materials are used for storage tank linings?

These range from fibreglass to epoxy-based products and polyurethanes. Generally, fibreglass is a near one-size-fits-all system, given its broad level of chemical resistance. Epoxies tend to be too brittle, whilst polyurethanes are too soft. Polyethylene liners are sometimes used, but have a propensity to tear, leading to liquid ingress and leaks.

Why is a storage tank lining important?

Base substrates of storage tanks (e.g. concrete or steel) do not hold up well against water ingress or chemical attack. Whilst structurally strong, they have limitations; concrete is porous and tends to crack, whilst steel will corrode and rust. Both of these necessitate the use of a thin protective internal coating on the inside of the storage tank.

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What containment systems are required for storage tanks?

Secondary containment spill bunds are required for storage tanks. Bunds are lined with protective coatings and are designed to contain spillages of the liquid contained within the storage tanks and prevent them from

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