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Green roofs are a new, ecological addition to conventional roofs. They’re designed to protect and disguise the underlying roofing substrate with a natural, aesthetic layer.

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A green “living” roof is a flat roof covered in vegetation. Green roofs typically use sedum, a highly versatile flowering plant, among other types of outdoor vegetation to create a natural effect.


Green roofs are ideal for homeowners, businesses and factories, where footfall on the roof is limited. There are a variety of benefits to owning a green roof. Some of these are listed below:

·      Environmentally friendly

·      Energy efficient

·      Noise reduction

·      Greener brand

·      Structurally safe

·      Increased roof life

·      Natural aesthetics

·      Stormwater control

·      Easy to maintain

·      Safe and reliable  


Strandek® are certified installers of Sky Garden green roofs. are suitable for almost all flat roofing membranes. They’re lightweight, possess all-season durability and are very low-maintenance. also assist in design, planning and estimation for all green roofing projects. They also provide advice, maintenance and support during and after your green roof has been installed.


There are multiple flat roofing applications for green roofing. Here are a few of the most popular suggestions:

·      Supermarkets

·      Warehouses

·      Garages

·      Sheds

·      Flat roof

·      Factories

·      Apartments

·      Holiday homes

·      Sports complexes

·      Conservatories



To some extent, green roofs act as a barrier between your roofing membrane and the surrounding environment.

They also protect your flat roof from UV rays and extreme weather (freezing temperatures and excessive heat), both of which can accelerate wear and tear, not to mention the great aesthetics and natural views you’ll have.

That said, there are several options for your green roof:

Fibreglass GRP:

this glass fibre-based composite is the most durable, all-around and cost-effective system on the market. Our Strandek® GRP flat roofing system has been used on thousands of flat roofs and is perfect for green roofing installations.

Single Ply

materials like Danosa’s PVC single ply are well suited to providing a waterproofing coating as a green roofing base. As Premier installers of Danosa single ply, Strandek Flat Roofing are able to offer both mechanically and fully bonded single-ply roofing membranes for your flat roof. Danosa also provides full technical support, from CAD drawings to wind uplift calculations.

Specialist roofing membranes: in addition to single ply and GRP, new products like polyurethane are also available on the market. These are liquid-applied and offer excellent versatility and durability.

In short, Strandek® Flat Roofing offers a range of flat roofing systems more than capable of supporting your green roof. See our gallery for more examples.



Q What sedum plants are available for my green roof?

We currently use sedum-based vegetation because it’s generally a low-maintenance, all-weather plant, but are more than happy to adapt to your needs.

Q What types of roofs do you do?

Flat and pitched flat roofs with slopes of 2 – 5 and 5 – 25 degrees respectively.

Q What guidelines exist for green roofs?

The Building Research Establishment (BRE) aimed at research and education in the built environment. The BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) provides estimates for the total environmental impact of a building and the Green Roofing Code provides guidance for green roofing specification in the UK.

Q Can my roof support the additional weight?

We use lightweight vegetation and will assess your roof. Most roofs can withstand several times the weight of wet sedum, which is significantly less than that which would be applied by a human standing on the roof.

Q How much maintenance is required?

Some maintenance is required in the first few months, but we use robust sedum sources from Sky Garden, which is a UK-based supplier of sedum-based green roofs. Their sedum use is a proven, all-season and very adaptive variant suited to the UK’s climate. More detail about maintenance can be found in their maintenance brochure.

Q Can I choose the vegetation on my roof?

Of course, we’ll be happy to help you choose and install suitable vegetation.

Q What if the roots grow into my roof?

We utilise root barriers, which act to block roof growth. It is extremely unlikely that failing the root barrier, the roots would be able to penetrate a GRP fibreglass flat roofing system.

Q How much carbon dioxide can a green roof remove?

Annual carbon dioxide sequestration by three grass species with irrigation was estimated to be 2.5 kg-CO2·m−2 ·yr−1.

Q Can a green roof remove atmospheric pollution?

Yes, a range of studies have demonstrated the removal of atmospheric pollutants, from NO2 to S02, CO, PM10 and PM2.5.

Q Can a green roof help reduce stress?

Nature is hugely beneficial to our wellbeing. Many studies have shown the more exposure to nature and greenery that we have, the lower our stress levels.


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