Unbeatable protection for your buildings, structures, equipment, and facilities.

From waterproofing to chemical resistance, our resin-based lining and coating systems have you covered.

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Protecting the surfaces of your equipment, buildings and structures can significantly enhance their lifetime, avoiding costly replacements.

Many of our systems – from fibreglass (GRP) linings through to epoxy and polyurethane coatings – are proven to provide a protective barrier resistant to chemicals, water, solar UV, abrasion, and mechanical stress.

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Increase the lifetime of your surfaces and structures with a range of Industry-leading linings and coatings.

Applied in-situ with the ability to be fully customised, Strandek offer chemical-, water- and abrasion-resistant resins that hold up to the most demanding environments.

Reviews & Accreditations

Reviews and Accereditations

High-quality workmanship

"The customer is at the forefront of our work. Whether it's our high standard of workmanship, on-site compliance or excellent communication, customer satisfaction has been our focus since 1976."

Stephen Bowen, Managing Director

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Strandek’s expertise has been built on a foundation of long-standing knowledge acquired over almost five decades, so you can rest assured we’ll provide performance and expertise you can trust.
Our resin-based lining and coating services cover a wide range of applications, from chemical bund linings to water storage tank resurfacing, wall and floor waterproofing and much more.
Some of these are listed below, but if you have a more bespoke project, please get in touch.

Substrates & Surfaces


Concrete, wood and other substrates are highly porous and prone to wear and tear. This makes them susceptible to leaks and substrate breakdown.

Resin-based systems are perfectly designed to eliminate these problems and can be applied to a full range of substrates and surfaces, creating seamless, durable and impervious barriers with excellent lifetimes.

• Concrete, brick & mortar
• Wood: plywood, timber decking,
• Steel beams, joints…
• Existing Fibreglass (GRP)

High-Performance Ingredients

The very foundation of our service is built upon high-quality ingredients manufactured in world-class facilities with ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications and strong health, safety and environmental standards.

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Case Studies


Discover companies like yours who have benefitted from our lining and coating services. From fibreglass (GRP) linings to epoxy and polyurethane resin systems, we have a solution for you, whether you need a waterproof barrier or a chemically resistant bund lining.

Water tank lining in fibreglass (GRP)


Bund re-lining in fibreglass (GRP)


Wall and floor lining system for a wetroom


Epoxy wall lining and coating for a bund


Our Customers

Our Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a lining and a coating?

In this context, a lining is a thin resin-based barrier applied to the internal surface of a structure (e.g. a bund or a water tank). On the other hand, a coating is the resin barrier that would be applied to the outside of a structure (e.g. a flat roof or a waterproofing system)

What is the benefit of a resin-based lining or coating system?

There are several advantages over  – typically EPDM or PVC linings, in that they are tear resistant, abrasion resistant and desired qualities can be built into every system. In comparison to paint, resins offer more durability and chemical resistance. They can also be combined with fibrous or aggregate backing, creating composite structures with enhanced structural performance.

What is the expected lifetime of a resin-based lining or a coating?

Most systems are designed (and proven) to last several decades. Ultimately, the lifetime of any system will depend heavily on the quality of installation – which is why Strandek has focussed heavily on high-quality ingredients, careful preparation and trained applicators.

Where can linings and coatings be used?

In terms of surfaces, resins can be effectively applied to concrete, wood, mortar, metals, GRP and other. Primers enhance resin bonding. More importantly, resins can be applied  to seal gaps, junctions and other leak-prone barriers.

How long does it take to install a resin-based coating?

Varies between several hours and several days – or in some cases weeks. It also depends on the level of surface preparation, the number of applicators and system type.

What can Strandek offer in lining and coating services?

We offer full inspection, survey and site visits in addition to comprehensive reports. We also offer repairs to existing coatings, as well as technical support in the selection of new ones.

Why Choose Strandek®?

Since 1976, Strandek has provided high-quality glass fibre and other resin-based coatings to a range of satisfied customers in industry, government, construction and residential sectors alike.


Our team have extensive experience and we pride ourselves on reliable workmanship and competitive pricing.

  • Unrivalled service
  • Exceptional quality
  • Unmatched speed

Health & Safety

A strong health & safety ethic is the core of our business. We strive to maintain this through:

  • Best practices
  • Transparency & accountability
  • Rigorous training